My prices are very competitive and can offer discounts if there’s interest in combining photography with some design work.


Portrait Photography

  • I provide a full mobile portrait studio that can be easily assembled in your home or office.
  • I have access to a complete local studio.
  • I range from profile shots to family portraits.

Event Photography

This is just an idea of what type of events I have worked with.

  • Weddings
  • Concerts and theatres venues
  • Special parties
  • Benefit events

Sport Photography

The range of sport photography goes anywhere from a youth’s soccer game to white water kayaking. It’s all about the style and equipment used in these activities. To freeze the motion of someone catching a ball or panning with a cyclist racing in a group.

HDR Photography

HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and it creates incredible detail in photos.

For example when taking a photo of the interior of a home with many windows, you need to focus on specific elements that you want to show up in detail. Unfortunately what happens is other element like what’s outside the window, gets washed out. With HDR, the process is taking the same shot at several exposures and with the right application, you layer all of these exposures on top of each other. Resulting in a photograph that has all the details sharp.

HDR is widely used in Real Estate, but it’s also used anywhere you want a wide range of detail in your photos. There is a lot of information on the web about HDR if you want to learn more about the subject.

Pets and wild Life

People love their pets. I have a dog myself and I love taking pictures of him. They all have a personality and it’s fun when you capture them doing something out of the ordinary or even just laying around. Pets also make great portraits.

There are a lot of techniques I can use when photographing pets. I can pretty much use everything I have mentioned in these other categories.

Art and Architecture

I take a lot of artistic photos and then work some more magic into them with Photoshop. The same goes with architecture, especially in remote countries and old villages. These make nice photo canvases for the rooms in your home of office. I also can create a series of photos for a specific location as in restaurants and bistros.

Product Photography

Having a great product doesn’t always mean it will sell if you don’t have an appealing photo of the item. In my other business as a designer, I take a lot of product shots for websites, brochures and menus.